Keep at least 50k USD in the margin account

Do not actively trade more than 5 main products at once (unless index-linked)

Do not increase trade frequency if market is weak

Have your core principles. Know what you want. Keep your values.

24 Jun 2021

You want to record how many times you think the trend has gone missing / broken, the market comes back to eventual resurrection in the short run. There will probably be limited gains in extending positions after the trend broken

There is also false sense of security in owing “popular trades” — of metals, of equity, of ESG etc

Recordings ::

May-Jun copper. X

Jun Soybean oil. X

Jun Gold X

Risk management (1)

Time to trade momentum

  • Long target levels and stop losses
  • Constant checking of assumptions
  • PnL protection

Time to trade values

  • Frequent profit taking
  • Frequent sizing definition, risk scaling, buffer recognition
  • Trade small but stick to core themes